Avoid being a drive-by victim —stop convenient access to your data.

More than 15 years ago Motorola's Information Protection Chief called his forward to our book, Cryptography Decrypted, e Everything —writing about eEverything good along with eEverything bad. (Noticeably) more true now than then.

To help deter attack we developed


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DoCrypt Crypto Tools

and DES (previous standard) for message, file & folder encryption –and

4 computerized preComputer methods for message encryption.

 Key Store (aka keychain, keyring)One (1) key protects many keys.

creation & storage under your control because anyone that...

makes or shares your keys→  can use your keys.

 Crypto fingerPrinter to authenticate your data

  Logon–Password Manager stores web logon & password data



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Even though one can always add more security, encryption is the best and

most simple way to protect your and our society's data from bad actors.