Free and Paid DoCrypt  v. 3.11

Free includes everything –except AES¹. 


MS Windows Only: get  docrypt.exe –or– docrypt.jar. You don't need both.

docrypt.exe is a ms windows only executable. install steps.

download docrypt.exe  from us here. –or– from Get it from CNET! (CNET)

Get docrypt.jar for Linux, Apple, Solaris & MS Windows

Needs Java 7 or better.  If needed: Oracle (Java's owner) put it here for free.

Download docrypt.jar from us here. install steps.

Optionallyinstall multiple docrypt.exes or docrypt.jars.

Add AES Encryption

If want or need AES or just want to support our efforts, here's 2 options

$6.00 for 50 year AES license & forever free updates & enhancements.

$1.35 for   1 year AES license

Link to PayPal
 (currently only USA customers¹)

We'll email your AES key within 3 days (We're a small USA business.)

Planned Enhancements

· first Port to (make it work on ) Android, Apple then

· PKI and PGP Public–Private Key systems  Part III & IV in our book
  (e.g. digital certificate systems, SSL/TLS, IPsec, ... )

  –unless most users prefer PKI first

email→  feedback at docrypt dot com

¹ US only because US law makes AES export too costly for us.

² 3.0 DES doesn't decrypt previous version's encryptions; registered users have fix.